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Kelly Tittle, Actress/T.V. Host

Kelly Tittle is an actress and television host from Half Moon Bay in Northern California. She comes from a long line of athletes, and grew up in a major sports family. However, Kelly came to learn that playing sports did not seem to be her calling in life and instead found that her talents lied in singing, dancing, and acting. She began to immerse herself in the performing arts, and by the time she was ready to graduate high school, she had made the decision that she would to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor.

When she finally arrived, Kelly set out to learn everything she could about acting for the camera. She began taking acting classes, and started working as a background extra to experience what it  was like being on a production set. She studied her craft extensively, and dove head first into a community of fellow creatives. She continued to develop her skills and gain experience, and was making all the right preparations to fulfill her dream of being a professional actor, but it wasn’t long before she would learn that some times, some of the greatest opportunities are the ones you’re not prepared for.

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