A&E’s New Docuseries ‘Undercover High’ Shows Challenges Facing High School Students Today

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Renowned youth advocate, motivational speaker, producer and social entrepreneur Shane Feldman joined us live to talk about his role in the A&E documentary called “Undercover High”. Shane and five other young people went undercover back to high school for one semester to start an important conversation about life as an American teenager and pierce the teen bubble, because it’s become so difficult for adults to really see the world through the eyes of kids these days. All the undercover adults, including Shane, were stripped of their true identities, having to turn in credit cards, cell phones and were given a new phone and new fake social media accounts. Only the school administrators and select members of the community knew their true identities. Shane is the CEO of Count me In, the largest youth-led organization in the world, and has inspired tens of thousands youth-led volunteer projects, equating to over 100-million hours of community service worldwide. Count Me In started as a school project and experiment for Shane to encourage his peers to get involved as a way to feel less isolated in high school. He thought a few people would attend his first meeting. Hundreds showed up, and it went viral from there. Shane was bullied in high school, and getting involved turned his life around. Count Me In is a way for teens to have somewhere to turn, when they feel isolated. Shane now travels the world giving keynote speeches. You can catch Shane’s episode on Undercover High on Tuesday night at 10p on A and E. For more information on Count Me In, you can go to their website. For more information on Shane and “Mentor My Teen” you can go to his website.

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