Spoken Dreams: Chris Denny, Musician

Chris Denny is a musician from West Palm Beach, Florida. He was hooked on music ever since he was 6 years old after watching his uncle play drums at the local church. He loved banging on the floor along to his favorite music, and eventually his grandparents surprised him with his very first drum set, which he would play for hours on end. Over the years, Chris taught himself how to play the drums out of sheer passion, and developed a reputation around his school as a talented musician.

While Chris undoubtedly enjoyed playing music, he didn’t initially see it as something he wanted to do professionally. His actual career goals eventually lead him to the Air Force. However, Chris couldn’t escape his love for playing music. When he completed his service, Chris realized that he did now want to pursue a career in music. He reconnected with friends to form a new band. But just when things were starting to look up for Chris and his career as a musician, a bad contract deal would leave him feeling betrayed by someone closest to him. Devastated, he quit the band and gave up his dream. He ended up moving to South Korea to do some self-discovery, and what he ended up finding was that even though he moved across the world to escape from playing music, it wouldn’t take long for his passion to come roaring back.

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