Santa Monica Park Officials Post Video of Mountain Lion Kittens Feeding, ‘Chirping for Mom’

Footage released by Santa Monica park officials on Friday captured two mountain lion kittens feeding and “chirping for mom.”

Staffers at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area said the untagged kittens were P-42’s offsprings.

The video shows the two kittens feeding on a deer. An adult mountain lion, apparently their mother, appears later in the clip.

“So far this is looking like a happier ending than P-42’s litter from last year, which she abandoned,” a post on the park’s Facebook page said.

Officials said they hope to find the animals when they’re older and equip them with GPS collars, which would help them learn about their movement and transition into adulthood.

Capturing the kittens would also let experts run their DNA to find out how they may be related to other mountain lions in the area, according to the post.