Spoken Dreams: Elle Dawson, Artist/Model

Elle Dawson is an artist and model originally from Mississippi. A rebel since childhood, Elle began modeling at age 14 based on a recommendation from her sister. She began to turn her life around for the better, leaving an abusive relationship and getting off drugs. Eventually, with only $50 and one suitcase, she made her way to New York City to begin modeling professionally.

Elle saw fashion as an art form and a means for creative expression. Unfortunately, the dark side of the modeling industry began to reveal itself, and she began to develop animosity because of a myriad of controversial practices. Elle decided to take stand, and has now committed to using her art to incite change to the industry and ideals of beauty. She left the suffocating confines of New York City, and made her way to Los Angeles, where as an artist, she found something that New York couldn’t offer her: Creative freedom.

In this episode, Elle shares her early experiences as a model in New York City, and the moment she knew she would no longer subject herself to the harmful practices of her talent agency. She reflects on the artistic freedom she has found in Los Angeles, and how she hopes to help and inspire others with her art.

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