Video Shows Students Fighting With Cafeteria Worker at High School in Ontario

An altercation captured on video involving a cafeteria worker and several students at a high school in Ontario was under investigation Thursday, school district officials said.

Video obtained by KTLA captured the incident at Chaffey Joint Union High School during lunch period Wednesday.

One of the students initially threw a punch after the staffer asked him to dispose of some trash, sophomore Jared Winslow said. When the employee swung back, multiple students began hitting him, Winslow said.

Superintendent Mathew Holton confirmed in a statement that trash left in the area where the students sat led to the fight.

"It’s amazing…the disrespect we have for staff members," Winslow told KTLA.

Campus security and staff responded to the scene and brought it under control, the school district's statement said.

The cafeteria worker has been placed on administrative leave, and seven students involved did not attend classes Thursday, Holton said.

The school district said it's investigating the incident with assistance from the Ontario Police Department.