Another Mountain Lion Spotted Roaming Through Westlake Village Neighborhood

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About a week after a Westlake Village mother and young son saw a mountain lion pressing against their sliding glass door, another mountain lion was spotted on security video a few blocks away.

The most recent sighting was captured by a Nest home camera over the weekend.

Video from the camera shows the mountain lion leaping over a fence and padding casually along the driveway in front of a home on a cul de sac.

The homeowner, Carolyn Wallen, discovered the mountain lion's visit when she awoke Sunday morning and saw the video.

"We're frightened because we do have grandchildren -- they're here all the time. Our grand-dogs are here all the time," Wallen said. "We have neighbors who have lost pets and livestock and are angry."

The incident follows a Feb. 4 incident in which a mother and her son saw a mountain lion at their door, apparently looking in at the family's small dog.

Nadine Young, the mother, told KTLA last week she thought that lion was trying to get into the home.

"He was trying to break in," Young said. "If the door had been open ... for sure, absolutely he would have come in. He had no fear of us."

She ran after the mountain lion, which she called "foolish" in retrospect.

That lion, which was collared and part of a National Park Service study, is believed to be P-55, who last summer and again in October successfully crossed the 101 Freeway.

The neighborhood where the sightings have occurred abuts open space in the Santa Monica Mountains, which is mountain lion habitat.

Wallen said she alerted her neighbors via the Nextdoor app and alerted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. She said she recognizes that mountain lions cannot be relocated due to intraspecies territory conflicts.

"I am aware I am living in their backyard," Wallen said.

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