Bomb Threat Investigation Near CSU San Bernardino Turns up No Explosives; Student Taken for Mental Health Exam

Several units of a housing complex adjacent to Cal State San Bernardino were evacuated Tuesday after police received calls about a student who made “concerning” statements to family and mental health workers — leading to concerns of a possible “bomb threat” though no explosives were ever found, according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

The Glen at University Park apartments are seen in this image from Google Maps.

The Glen at University Park apartments are seen in this image from Google Maps.

The male student involved was taken for a mental health evaluation after police searched his room and found no explosives, the agency later said in a news release. Investigators were dispatched to the student’s room at around 12:20 p.m., officials said.

The San Bernardino County Bomb and Arson Unit also responded to the scene, prompting the evacuation of several adjacent units, which the police department described as “campus housing” in a news release.

A spokesperson for the University later contacted KTLA stating the units were not part of a CSU San Bernardino dorm and are “in no way connected or part of the school.”

At about 6 p.m., a tweet from the university announced that the evacuation orders had been lifted and there was “no threat” to the nearby campus.

The Glen at University Park apartments are located at 1831 Northpark Boulevard West, directly across from the university’s campus.

Despite finding no explosives, police did find “what appeared to be” a military grade ordinance inside the student’s room, officials said. There was also a holster in the room, although the student was actually “temporarily restricted from possessing firearms,” police said in a news release.

Police did not explain why or by whom those gun restrictions have been put in place.

The student told police the ordinance was not functioning. He also denied officers the ability to search his room any further at that point, officials said.

However, he was then detained by police and a search warrant was obtained so officers could search the rest of the room. No explosives or illegally owned weapons were found there.

The student was taken in for a mental health evaluation, although police did not say how or where he is being seen. No further information was released by authorities.