Arizona Girl on Horseback Denied Drive-Thru Service at Starbucks

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An Arizona teen who tried to ride her horse through a drive-thru in the Phoenix-area recently said she was denied service.

Aspen Cline had seen internet videos of others riding their horses through the Starbucks drive-thru and decided that’s what she wanted to do for her birthday. Instead, she and her horse, Scout, were shut down by the barista when they tried to order at a store in Anthem, according to Phoenix television station KNXV.

“We weren’t given a reason, just, ‘We can’t take your order,'” said Aspen. “My friend and I were going to get Frappuccinos for us and a cup of whipped cream for the horses.”

A Starbucks spokesperson told the station that, officially, their drive-through is for cars only. He said that policy is for animal, rider and employee safety.

But, he also added that the horses caught the barista off guard and with a little-advanced notice next time they’ll find a way to serve all creatures.

“We support Starbucks because they’re very accepting,” said Tandy Cline, Aspen’s mother. “So, we were kind of disappointed we got thrown to the side from such a great company.”

Tandy said they would definitely be reaching out to Starbucks again to see if they can arrange a better experience for Aspen.

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