Man Detained, No Weapon Found After Pierce College Evacuated; Campus No Longer Threatened

A man was detained and being questioned as Pierce College in Woodland Hills was considered safe again Wednesday night following a reported threat of violence earlier in the evening that triggered the evacuation of 4,000 on campus, authorities said.

The man detained is only being questioned as he matches the description given in the anonymous call about the alleged threat, officials said. Another person was arrested nearby for an outstanding warrant but it appears to be unrelated to the alleged threat, though a tweet from Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies earlier made it appear to possibly be related.

No weapons or signs of a threat were found on the campus, according to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. A school-wide alert was issued by the college around 5:30 p.m., instructing students to vacate the campus and notifying them classes were canceled for the remainder of the day.

Later, at 8 p.m., sheriff's deputies said there was no longer a threat and classes will resume the next day.

Earlier, at about 4:30 p.m., a call about a man saying he planned to "shoot the college up" came in to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Capt. Rodrick Armalin said.

Sheriff's deputies soon dispatched to the area of Plummer Street and Sepulveda Boulevard after receiving the information from the Los Angeles Police Department, who took the initial call from an anonymous informant.

Once authorities informed the college's president, Kathleen Burke-Kelly, she ordered to have the campus closed. She said about 4,000 people on campus, including students and staff, were evacuated.

"We are taking measures to ensure safety of our students and employees," the campus alert issued earlier read. "Please do not come to Pierce College tonight."

School officials described the threat as "credible" but did not provide further details at the time. Classes at the college were expected to resume Thursday morning.

A high school in Orange County was also closed Wednesday after receiving a threat, the Los Angeles Times reported.

On Monday, a 14-year-old boy who had lodged threats against his Fullerton high school was detained after a loaded firearm was found in his home. Earlier that same day, classes were canceled at Cypress College in Cypress after a credible threat was reported to police.

Officials have been taking a hard-line stance with such reports in the wake of a mass shooting that left 17 dead at a Florida high school on Valentine's Day.

"The issue of violent threats on school campuses is something our agency takes very seriously," the Sheriff's Department said in a statement about the Pierce College closure.

Officials were continuing to investigate the incident at Pierce College and no further details have been released.

The campus, at 6201 Winnetka Ave., is one of nine in the Los Angeles Community College District and serves around 22,000 students, according to its website.