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Spoken Dreams: Gabriela Duarte, Actress

Gabriela Duarte is an actress, originally from the city of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. Growing up in Brazil, Gabriela never quite felt like she fit in. While the people around her were watching soap operas and getting excited about Carnaval, Gabi was watching American films and television programs like Friends and Seinfeld. As a young girl, Gabi enjoyed staging her own performances during family gatherings, but outside of her home, she was very shy without many friends.

To overcome her shyness, Gabriela’s father encouraged her to take up acting. She went on to enroll in the only professional acting school in her city, and after finishing, she decided to continue learning her craft in New York City. It was there that she would study under iconic actor Vincent D’onofrio, who personally pushed Gabriela to continue chasing her dreams in Los Angeles.

In this episode, Gabriela shares details of her childhood growing up in Brazil. She recalls the life-changing experience of studying under Vincent D’onofrio, and opens up about her ambitions as an actress.

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