How to Help Those Affected by SoCal Brush Fires

Spoken Dreams: Haylee Graham, Author/Screenwriter

Haylee Graham is a writer from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The daughter of two actors, she came from a background of wealth and opportunity. However, as a teenager, her entire life was turned upside down. After the divorce of her mother and step-father, Haylee felt like her entire world was falling apart. It was during this time that she began writing stories. Haylee saw writing as a way to deal with her real-life problems in her own fictional world.

By high school, Haylee had written her first novel, and after graduating, she wrote a second novel. But when her books failed to bring her the success she thought they would, she chalked them up as failures. Soon enough, she found herself spiraling back down into a place of darkness. It wasn’t until after she had reached her lowest point that Haylee realized how precious life is, and how she could use her writing to make a positive impact on others.
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