La Tuna Canyon Road Reopens After Landslide Blocked It for Days

Four days after a landslide clogged it with mud and debris, La Tuna Canyon Road in Sun Valley reopened Sunday, Los Angeles city officials have announced.

Just as the landslide hit on Wednesday, residents in the area had been told to leave their homes even as the evacuation orders were lifted for those living in other areas recently burned by wildfires and vulnerable to mudslides.

While those evacuations remained in place, the area saw lighter than expected rainfall.

Still, a landslide through La Tuna Canyon left the road closed for days. It happened at about 4 p.m. on Wednesday on the south slope of the road in a location just less than a mile from the 210 Freeway, city engineering officials said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Officials said the landslide was about 75 feet wide and 45 feet tall, and on Friday, they said water was still draining through the canyon. The L.A. Bureau of Engineering sent in work crews to begin pumping out the water on Saturday.

As water was pumped out, authorities were able to assess the stability of the area and try getting the hillside and roadway to become stable, officials said.

By Sunday night, city officials announced the road was reopened.

Prior to the reopening, the bureau had said the road was expected to be cleared by 4 p.m. as water continued to be pumped out.