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Married for 63 Years, Couple Dies Minutes Apart at Their Idaho Home

An Idaho couple married for 63 years died at their Nampa home within minutes of each other last week.

Edna Huntley, 81, passed away in her sleep on the evening of March 20, according to Less than an hour later, her husband, Bob Huntley, 83, died too.

Earlier this year, Edna was diagnosed with cancer and Bob had been suffering from dementia for some time, according to the Idaho Press-Tribune.

Edna told a friend, “When one of us dies, (we’re) going to wrap the hand of the other and take them along.”

“And that happened,” their son, Kenneth Huntley, told the newspaper. “We’re very grateful it happened this way,” the son said, noting that his father wouldn’t have wanted to continue on without Edna.

Ammon Tunnell, a grandson, said the success of his grandparents marriage was an inspiration to everyone who knew them, adding, “We saw what love really is.”

Bob and Edna are survived by their five children — three daughters, two sons, 20 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.