Spoken Dreams: Natalie K, Singer-Songwriter

Natalie K is a singer-songwriter from Hollywood, California. An only child, Natalie always enjoyed being the center of attention as she entertained her friends and family. Later, she discovered that she could sing, and it quickly became one of her favorite ways to perform. While she always dreamed of one day being a professional singer, she didn’t quite know how to make that dream a reality.

In an effort to get closer the action in the entertainment industry, Natalie started her own YouTube channel in which she would interview various celebrities at different events. It eventually gained a following and Natalie began getting some attention. After a few years though, Natalie began to drift further away from her YouTube channel, as it wasn’t really what she dreamed of doing. She wanted to be an entertainer, not the person interviewing them. In college, she got serious and really focused on her music and songwriting, and now a whole new world of opportunities is opening up for her.

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