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‘Downsizing’ With a 3-D Printed Replica of Yourself

The process of 3D printing a "mini-me" figurine that looks just like you - but smaller.

In the movie Downsizing, humans get to see the world from a different perspective. That's because they are shrunk down to just 5 inches tall!

So when Paramount Pictures asked me if I'd like to "get small," I was curious to see what they had in mind. I ventured over to a place called DOOB 3D where they immediately went to work. I stepped into a specially designed machine outfitted with lots of cameras. In a snap, 54 separate photos are taken of me from all different angles.

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Those photos are stitched together for a 3D blueprint, which is then used to create my mini replica!

My "mini-me" took about two weeks to arrive, but when it did I was pretty impressed. The figurine is incredibly detailed - you can see my wallet in my back pocket and even the microphone I was wearing in the booth. The cost of the figurine is about $200 and lots of people use them as wedding cake toppers or to have a fun little version of themselves.

As for the movie Downsizing, which is out on 4K Blu-Ray and digital right now, it wasn't what I expected. I loved the effects and there were some funny visual gags, but the movie was heavier than the trailer led on. It really takes on some of the big issues we deal with as a society and in our world at large.

At the end of the day, it was fun to "get small" but I'm perfectly happy living life as my regular size.

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