Burglary Suspect Detained in Mid-City Following Pursuit

A man was seen being detained after police pursued a burglary suspect across multiple freeways and several surface streets in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The chase began on Forbes Avenue in the San Fernando Valley at about 8:42 p.m., according to Los Angeles Police Officer Tony Im.

The white Audi was seen speeding down the southbound 405 Freeway as Sky5 was first overhead shortly before 9 p.m. before getting onto the 10 Freeway heading east toward Culver City.

The car seemed to be successfully evading officers, zipping through traffic without a patrol vehicle in sight. Once on the 10 Freeway, the driver began using the shoulder to evade stalled traffic, narrowly dodging other vehicles.

The sedan got off the freeway at La Cienega Boulevard in Mid-City. Soon after, it entered a large parking structure at a Kaiser Permanente facility, with several police cruisers in close pursuit.

Officers blocked the exits to the structure, hoping to lock the suspect inside.

A man who was walking nonchalantly near the structure was seen being detained and later loaded into the back of a police car.

No further details were immediately available.