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LAX Officials Launch Program That Uses Technology to Track When a Restroom Stall is Cleaned, Vacant

Because the cleanliness of airport bathrooms is important to travelers, Los Angeles International Airport officials are launching a pilot program that uses new technology to manage a restroom in one of its terminals.

LAX officials are teaming up with two technology companies — Infax and Tooshlights — to install lights and digital gadgets that keep track of how often bathrooms are cleaned and let travelers know when a stall is in use or vacant.

The new “smart restroom” pilot project will be introduced Wednesday on a bathroom at Terminal 4, which is occupied by American Airlines, American Eagle and Qantas. Lights that turn green when a stall is vacant and red when a stall is occupied are being installed above each stall.

The Tooshlights system will be tied in with technology by Infax to keep track of how often a bathroom is used and when it needs to be cleaned. The new digital system keeps track of the number of people who use a bathroom and alerts a janitor to clean it when it has reached a specific passenger usage threshold. The same system tells managers when and how often bathrooms are cleaned.

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