Azusa Man Arrested After Allegedly ‘Violently Harming’, Killing Cat for Meowing

A man has been accused of animal cruelty after allegedly killing a cat because it would not stop meowing, according to the Azusa Police Department.

The incident was reported about 10 a.m. Monday when a woman told police that her cat had been killed by a roommate, police said in a news release.

Police responded to the 400 block of Oak Court and discovered that the suspect, Yifan Du, had been “disturbed by the cat’s meowing” early that morning.

Du, 27, asked the cat’s owner to bring the cat inside to see if it would stop meowing, police said.

The owner did and went back to sleep. She was later awakened by sounds of something being hit and she returned downstairs to see Du “violently harming the cat, causing the cat to die,” police said.

Du was arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty, but was later released after making bail.