Convicted Felon Shot, Killed by Homeowner During Tennessee Home-Invasion Robbery: Police

A convicted felon was fatally shot by a homeowner while allegedly trying to flee a home-invasion robbery in Nashville, Tennessee, last week, authorities said.

Police released this photo of Terry Adams Jr.

Police released this photo of Terry Adams Jr.

Terry Adams Jr., 27, was one of two intruders accused of entering the home of 43-year-old Brent Bishop while he was away on Wednesday night, according to a statement from the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Adams and another man allegedly entered the house through a rear door and hit Bishop’s wife — who was home at the time — in the face, the statement read.

Bishop arrived at the residence a short time later and discovered the back door ajar.

He entered through the kitchen, where the two men used a blunt object to strike him on the head, fracturing his skull, according to police. They then ordered Bishop to open his gun safe, took three long guns and a pistol, and fled.

Meanwhile, Bishop’s wife had run away to a neighbor’s house.

Not realizing where his wife went, Bishop went to another room, retrieved a gun and went to look for her. While outside he encountered Adams and the other man.

” During the ensuing altercation, Bishop fired on them, fatally wounding Adams,” the police statement read.

After his partner was shot and killed, the other man dropped the firearms and fled the scene. He has not yet been caught.

Bishop was taken to a hospital for treatment of the skull fracture.

The robbery marked the second time that Adams allegedly targeted the Bishop residence this year; on Feb. 6, he is suspected of taking a flat screen television from the home, according to the statement.

Adams has been convicted of multiple crimes, including auto burglary, felony theft and aggravated assault, police said.

He was arrested last July on suspicion of felony meth possession and for resale and unlawful gun possession.

Adams pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors and was put on probation, the statement said. He allegedly violated his probation, however, and was wanted on two warrants at the time of the last week’s home invasion.