Spoken Dreams: Parris Rose, Host

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Parris Rose is a host originally from Fairfield, Connecticut. As a young girl, she describes herself as having been very outgoing and always craving the center of attention. She was auditioning for choir and school plays even though, according to Parris, she couldn’t sing and didn’t think she was a very good actress; she just enjoyed doing anything that gave her the chance to be in the spotlight.

Through high school and college, however, Parris became very self-conscious and insecure. She was no longer an extrovert, and focused all her energy on pursuing her goal of a career in psychology. It wasn’t until her sister was featured on a reality competition show that Parris got to see the all the excitement of the way a production crew worked. She knew immediately that that was the world she wanted to be a part of, and began saving money to move to Los Angeles. After working on various sets, Parris began to re-discover something she’s known since childhood: She wasn’t destined for a life behind-the-scenes–She was going to put herself front-and-center.

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