‘Geez Louise’: Video Shows Woman Take Parking Spot Right in Front of Waiting Driver in Riverside

Showing a classic Southern California moment that many drivers can relate to, video posted on social media this weekend documents a woman swooping in on a parking spot in front of a man who was waiting for another driver to pull out.

A screen grab from a video posted on Facebook on April 15, 2018 shows a woman snagging a coveted parking spot ahead of a man who had been waiting for it.

The dashcam video, posted on Sunday to the Facebook group “What is going on in Riverside County,” includes audio of the driver seeing a person about to back out of a diagonal parking spot at the Riverside Plaza.

"Straight up got parking spot jacked at the Riverside Plaza this evening! You can't make this stuff up lol!" wrote Steve Johnson, who posted the video and runs the page.

In the video, as Johnson is waiting for the driver to back out of the spot completely, a driver coming the opposite direction has her right-hand turn signal on, indicating she's waiting for a spot on the other side.

About 20 seconds into the video, the woman suddenly changes her signal to the left, apparently now indicating she wants the spot Johnson is waiting for.

After the woman changes her turn signal, Johnson says, “You had your turn signal on there," emphasizing the last word to indicate she had originally intended to go the other direction.

The person in the parking space successfully backs out, and then both Johnson and the woman try to pull into the vacant spot at the same time, causing a passenger in Johnson’s car to exclaim "What the heck?"

The woman in the other car rolls down her passenger window and appears to be talking to Johnson, who tells her “You had your turn signal on to park there.”

Then the woman's passenger, apparently a teenager, makes eye contact with Johnson. Then he hangs his head.

“Geez Louise," Johnson says. "Go ahead and park there then. … Go ahead. Go.”

Johnson then puts his vehicle in reverse, allowing the woman to take the spot.

Before he can continue forward to find another space, the woman pulls out of the spot again to fix her car, the video shows.

“This is rude,”Johnson's passenger says.

“It’s very rude,” Johnson responds. “And I got it on my dashcam, too. It’ll probably end up on the internet.”

Moments later, another driver pulls out of a spot ahead and Johnson is finally able to park.

Many commenters on the Facebook video said they would not have been able to contain their anger. But Johnson maintained his cool.

“I’ve read too many stories of road rage and people getting hurt," Johnson told KTLA. "Wasn't worth it over a parking spot.”

Jennifer Thang contributed to this story.