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Spoken Dreams: Bellsaint, Recording Artist/Songwriter

Bellsaint is a recording artist and songwriter originally from Tyler, Texas. Perhaps the epitome of a rising star, Bellsaint’s music is receiving glowing accolades from publications and media outlets like Elle Magazine and Refinery 29. She has worked with some of the top artists and producers in the industry, and has written music for television, film, commercials and more. Bellsaint’s talents as a songwriter and performer are undeniable.

However, Bellsaint hasn’t always had the confidence one would expect from an artist of her caliber. Throughout her career, she has struggled with her own insecurities as a performer, and was much more comfortable staying out of sight. In this episode of the podcast, Bellsaint opens up about how she found the courage to be more vulnerable as an artist, and come into her own as a songwriter.

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