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L.A. Lawmakers Approve $1.95-Million Settlement for Family of Woman Fatally Shot by Police in 2015

Los Angeles lawmakers agreed Tuesday to pay up to $1.95 million to end a legal battle with the family of a woman shot and killed by police officers in 2015.

The police chief and the civilian Los Angeles Police Commission that oversees the LAPD were divided over the killing of Norma Guzman 2½ years ago.

Chief Charlie Beck believed the two officers who shot the 37-year-old woman had followed department rules for using deadly force, saying they reasonably believed that Guzman presented an imminent, serious threat when she moved toward them with a knife.

But the Police Commission faulted one of the officers for his tactics and use of deadly force, agreeing with its inspector general that the officer put himself in a “vulnerable position” and without less-lethal alternatives, such as a bean-bag shotgun.

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