85 People Arrested or Have Warrants Out in Orange County Gang Crackdown

Eighty-five people were either arrested or have warrants out for their arrest and dozens of guns were seized, along with 17 pounds of narcotics, in a massive gang crackdown in Orange County, the California Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

An investigation spanning three months looked into the criminal activities of the Sureño criminal street gang subsets and their involvement with the Mexican Mafia, a news release from the Attorney General Xavier Becerra states.

Among the seized items were 36 firearms, including assault weapons; 14 pounds of methamphetamine and three pounds of heroin; and two stolen vehicles, officials said.

While the identities of those arrested or expected to be arrested were not specified in the news release, officials said many of those arrested are women who pass along information.The state DOJ's Special Operations Unit, California Highway Patrol and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department's Gang Division all worked on the case.

"My hope is that these actions will send a message to criminal gangs that you are not welcome in Orange County," O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said in a news release.

No further information was released by authorities.