Man Charged With Grabbing 2 Females in Downey, Including Teen Walking Home From School

A man was charged on Friday with groping both a woman and teenager in two separate incidents in Downey, a day after investigators said they were looking for additional people he may have attacked.

Sala Robert Pires, 28, was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly approached a 14-year-old girl who was walking home from school on Rives Avenue near Brunache Street and grabbed her buttocks from behind after attempting to engage her in conversation.

The offender fled the scene, but Pires was taken into custody a few hours later after the girl reported the crime to police. The incident prompted police to ask potential additional victims to come forward as they believe he may have done the same thing to several others.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office alleges Pires also attacked a woman on April 9 in a very similar manner, by coming up to her as she was walking on a public street and grabbing her buttocks, then running away.

Both incidents occurred in Downey.

Pires was charged with sexual battery and child molesting, both misdemeanors, prosecutors said in a news release.

He was expected to be arraigned Friday.

If convicted as charged, the 28-year-old could face up to one year and six months in jail, officials said.

He was being held on $100,000 bail, inmate records show.

Downey police are continuing to investigate the case.

Anyone who believes they may have information on a similar crime can contact the Downey Police Department at 562-904-2308 or Detective Michelle Garcia at 562-904-2391.