Spoken Dreams: Ben Worley, Composer/Actor

Ben Worley is a film composer and actor from Nashville, Tennessee. Ben grew up as a lover of movies, and much of his childhood was spent running around making short films with his brothers. By middle school, Ben began to develop a deeper appreciation for music, and wanted to be a musician. He would discover in high school that he could combine his love of movies and music by becoming a film composer, and with the help of his brother, he got his first paying gig.

After a short film Ben worked on went viral, clients came pouring in. He was working as an actor and a composer while still just in high school. After graduating, Ben continued to working towards his dreams in Nashville, but eventually realized he needed to do something he was originally dead-set against: He needed to move to Los Angeles.

In this episode, Ben opens up about his ambitions as a filmmaker. He recounts his first day arriving in Los Angeles, and how he already found work on a feature film by day 2.

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