Frank Buckley Interviews: Nyesha J. Arrington, Chef

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Frank Buckley appears alongside Nyesha Arrington.

Nyesha J Arrington is the executive chef and restaurateur behind Santa Monica’s restaurant, Native, described on the restaurant’s website as “Progressive California cuisine celebrating the multicultural landscape of Los Angeles.”

Nyesha’s cooking is inspired by her own multicultural background which includes African American and Korean ancestry. LA’s premiere food and restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold of the Los Angeles Times, said in his thoughtful and positive review of Native that: “She is a chef whose food tastes like LA.”

Nyesha has appeared on Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” and was the winner of the Food Network’s “Chef Hunter” and Esquire’s “Knife Fight.” She was trained at the Culinary School of the Art Institute of California in LA and has worked in the kitchens of culinary luminaries like Josiah Citrin of Melisse and Joel Robuchon.

During this podcast, Nyesha discusses the joy she discovered as a child in cooking alongside her Korean grandmother and how the cultural differences she experienced between her black and Korean families influence her cooking today. She also reveals the joys and the challenges of being from a multicultural family.

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