2 New Lawsuits Filed on Behalf of 18 Victims Against USC, Tyndall

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Eighteen more women are suing USC and former campus gynecologist George Tyndall over allegations of inappropriate behavior during medical exams, Los Angeles-based law firm Taylor & Ring announced Thursday.

Two new lawsuits allege that all victims were subject to sexual misconduct and harassment by Tyndall between 1990 and 2016, according to a statement issued by a public relations firm representing Taylor & Ring.

Last month, the law firm filed an initial complaint on behalf of one victim, identified only as “J.C.”

According to one of the new complaints, filed on behalf of nine women, a victim named “L.S.” visited Tyndall 10 times between 1998 and 2001. The lawsuit alleges that the doctor would perform breast exams on the plaintiff when not required for his “sexual gratification, rather than actually conducting a medical evaluation.”

In the other new complaint, which includes allegations from the remaining nine plaintiffs, Tyndall is accused of asking victim “J.B.” about her previous boyfriends, include their race. When the plaintiff complained of pain, “Tyndall inappropriately said that he did not use any lubrication because Plaintiff J.B. did not need any.”

The law firm is urging more women who may have been harmed by Tyndall to come forward.

Dozens of other women have also sued Tyndall and the university in multiple lawsuits, including one class action filed last month.

“The sheer volume of abuse that Tyndall has inflicted on these former USC students is appalling,” said Ring. “USC needs to be held accountable for its negligence and the harm it has caused these women by ignoring the complaints made against Tyndall for years.”

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