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Kentucky Sues Walgreens Claiming Pharmacy Played Role in Opioid Crisis

Kentucky is suing Walgreens, claiming the pharmacy played a role in the state’s opioid crisis.

The state’s Attorney General Andy Beshear says that the retailer, which sells opioids through its pharmacies, used “unlawful business practices” to fuel the epidemic in Kentucky.

Thursday’s complaint, filed in Boone County, claims that for more than 10 years, Walgreens filled “massive” and “suspicious” orders of opioids and failed to report them to authorities or put a stop to the shipments.

Beshear wants Walgreens to stop “over-dispensing opioids” and “filling suspicious orders.” He also wants the company to pay back the amount it earned from the allegedly illegal gains.

Walgreens declined to comment on the pending litigation.