15 West L.A. Residents Decontaminated After Possible Exposure to Asbestos: LAFD

Fifteen residents of a West Los Angeles apartment were "formally decontaminated" by firefighters  after possibly being exposed to asbestos, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Officials responded to the apartment complex along the 1800 block of  Prosser Avenue about 9:50 p.m. Wednesday.

While none of the residents of the apartment along Prosser Avenue showed signs of illness or injury, they were decontaminated. None of the residents were hospitalized.

Officials donned white hazmat suits to clear the  7,722 square-foot, two-story, 12-unit apartment building.

Residents said building management officials were doing renovations and had improperly removed a popcorn ceiling from an apartment and the whole building was exposed to the toxic dust. Property management officials have not returned requests for comments on the incident.

The residents were provided temporary transportation and lodging by the American Red Cross, as police tape surrounded the building Thursday morning. They were not allowed to take their own vehicles or pack their belongings after officials responded to the apartment, one resident said.

Los Angeles County Health hazmat officials also responded to the incident and will be investigating.