Nearly 100 Children Separated From Parents at Border Arrive in L.A. Area, But Frustrated Community Gets Few Answers

The crisis over children separated from their parents at the border reached Los Angeles, bringing many offers to help but few answers.

Immigration and aid groups said nearly 100 kids separated under President Trump’s policy have reached detention centers in the Los Angeles area, and local officials spent Thursday trying to determine the children’s whereabouts, their living conditions and what the federal government’s plans were to reunite them with their families.

“We’re getting zero information,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti, adding that children are being dropped into the city with “no links back to their parents.”

Immigration advocates believe many of the 2,300 kids detained by Trump’s policy intended to live in the L.A. area, with its vast Central American population. The region has long been a destination for refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras fleeing gang violence, rampant crime and political persecution.

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