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New York Woman Arrested After Caught-on-Video Racist Rant Turns Violent: ‘She Started Choking Me’

A New York woman was recently arrested after she was caught on camera going on a racist tirade on a Rockland County bus last weekend.

In the video obtained by KTLA sister station WPIX in New York, the woman is seen using racial slurs and hitting a fellow passenger. She was arrested by Orangetown police on Saturday on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

A man who identified himself only as Vladimir was a passenger on the bus earlier that afternoon and recorded the woman’s tirade, the station reported Tuesday.

“Some people were scared, especially the elderly people,” Vladimir said.

The woman is seen on video telling immigrants to go back to their country and asking them if they “had their papers” to live in the United States.

At one point, the angry passenger realized Vladimir was recording.

“She tried to knock the phone out my hand and she started choking me,” he told WPIX.

The driver pulled over the bus in Orangetown near Route 340. Police arrested the woman after she became disorderly outside the bus.

At the time, police were not aware of the video from inside the bus. An investigation is ongoing.

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