LAUSD Postpones Efforts to Raise New Parcel Tax That Would’ve Funded Future $482 Million Shortfall

A proposal to forestall the Los Angeles Unified School District’s looming fiscal problems by asking voters to approve a new parcel tax failed to win enough support Tuesday to make it onto the November ballot.

Money from the parcel tax, which had the backing of the teachers union, would have gone toward filling the roughly $482-million shortfall the district expects to have by 2020.

But in a spirited discussion Tuesday, the board split 3 to 3 over the question of whether there was enough time to persuade two-thirds of all voters to support the tax.

“People are gone for the summer, the board doesn’t reconvene until mid-August. … It just seems like too ad hoc of a strategy,” said Nick Melvoin, one of three board members who voiced support for postponing the measure to 2020, when a presidential election is likely to increase voter turnout.

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