Officials Investigating Violent Home Invasion Robbery in Palmdale

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Authorities were investigating after a Palmdale resident call 911 to report a home invasion — then abruptly hung up amid an apparent struggle, officials said.

A large law enforcement presence was seen at the home in the 38600 block of Erika Lane after 1:40 p.m., when Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Joana Warren said the resident called to report three intruders.

The 911 dispatcher heard a struggle in the background before the call abruptly ended, Warren said.

A neighbor told KTLA that deputies described it as a violent home invasion robbery involving his neighbors — a husband, wife and their infant — who were inside the property.

“I could see my neighbor and his family out on the front porch weeping and crying," said the man, who wished to remain unidentified. "I noticed that my neighbor had blood running from the back of his head and from his face area.”

The man also said he believed his neighbor had been pistol whipped.

“It was done right in front of his family and it’s very frightening," he said. "That neighbor, I could see, he looked terrified. He was crying and basically throwing up in the front yard.”

A family friend who also wanted to remain anonymous said the wife and baby were unharmed. The family owns several local convenience stores, the friend said, and he’s baffled as to why anyone would want to harm them.

“Of course it makes me feel like I'm in danger as well. But this is the first time anything like this has happened in this neighborhood since I've lived here.”

Another home invasion robbery took place in Palmdale two weeks ago, on July 2. It’s unclear if the cases are connected, but there are three suspects in both cases.

In the earlier instance, on the 2600 block of Trudeau Lane, three black men wearing ski masks and gloves robbed the resident or residents at gunpoint, according to Deputy Wally Bracks.

Bracks was unsure how many residents were home at the time.

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