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Beverly Hills Officials Approve 6-Month Ban on Electric Scooters

The Beverly Hills City Council on Tuesday banned the use of motorized scooters in the city for six months, citing public safety concerns as the two-wheelers have become more popular.

Under the ordinance, people are not allowed to ride the scooters — or leave them behind — in any public right-of-way. The City Council voted 4-1 during a special meeting to implement the ban. Vice Mayor John Mirisch was the sole dissenter.

City officials have noticed a dramatic uptick in recent weeks in the use of electric scooters, operated by scooter-share startups like Bird, based in Santa Monica, and Lime. The devices have popped up on sidewalks and street corners, and their riders have been involved in several traffic collisions in Beverly Hills, officials said.

Recently, police began cracking down on their use. During one week this month, the Police Department handed out more than 100 warnings and citations to riders for not wearing helmets or having a valid driver license. Authorities have also removed scooters from sidewalks and streets when they blocked traffic or pedestrians.

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