L.A. Councilman Wants to Make it Illegal to Download Blueprints for 3-D Gun

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A man holds a 3-D printed gun in this undated photo. (Credit: CNN)

A man holds a 3-D printed gun in this undated photo. (Credit: CNN)

The idea has set off alarm bells among gun control advocates: A do-it-yourself plastic firearm that can be manufactured using digital blueprints on a 3-D printer.

Now a Los Angeles councilman is trying to make it a misdemeanor to download those blueprints.

Under a proposal introduced Friday by Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander, Angelenos could be barred from possessing or transferring the blueprints for a 3-D-printed gun, as well as the weapons themselves. Englander also wants L.A. to prod the state to make possessing such guns or blueprints a felony across California.

Englander told reporters he was worried that as 3-D printing technology evolves and becomes more widely accessible, “you can go to the store tomorrow, buy a 3-D printer, and have a gun printed at home today — no waiting period, no serial number.

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