At Full Capacity, L.A. City Shelters Cut Pet Adoption Fees in Half

Los Angeles Animal Services plans to reduce its pet adoption fees on Saturday and Sunday.

The agency said all six of its shelters – located in Van Nuys, San Pedro, Lincoln Heights, Chesterfield Square, Sawtelle and Chatsworth – were filled to capacity with 861 dogs, 519 cats and hundreds of other animals.

Animal Services announced the following weekend adoption fees for Aug. 11 and 12:

Adult dogs: $51 (5 months and up, down from $102)
Puppies: $75 (4 months and under, down from $150)
Adult cats: $12.50 (5 months and up, down from $25)
Kittens: $25 (4 months and under, down from $50)

The agency also reduced fees on Aug. 4 and 5. Some 880 pets were adopted that week, Animal Services said.

All of the pets are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and microchipped before adoption, officials said. An additional $20 dog license fee will be charged for L.A. city residents, they added.

Residents can also get their pets spayed or neutered for free or at a discount. Find more information here.

Those who want to foster pets can visit a shelter to apply.