How to Help Those Affected by SoCal Brush Fires

Cooler Weather Helps Firefighters Battle Blazes Across California

Cooler, calmer weather is helping firefighters get a handle on battling the largest wildfires burning across California and preventing new blazes from getting out of control.

Temperatures are cooling slightly, and humidity is inching upward due to a weakened high-pressure system that forecasters say will persist through Tuesday.

Though conditions remain far from ideal, they’re an improvement from just a few days ago and a welcome respite from the scorching, high-risk conditions that fueled some of the biggest, most destructive fires in California history.

“We’re fortunate that we don’t have the triple-digit temperatures, we don’t have the single-digit humidity, and we don’t have the howling wind,” said Kathy Hoxsie, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard. “It’s still hot, it’s still dry, the winds aren’t light, but it could be much, much worse.”

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