Authorities ID 2 Drivers Who Died After Crash, Road Rage Fight on 5 Freeway in Sacramento

The two men who died after a deadly road rage incident on the 5 Freeway in Sacramento have been identified by authorities this week.

According to the Sacramento County Coroner, 39-year-old Jason Dykes of Sacramento, and 37-year-old Oroville resident Jose Rodriguez-Carrasco died after the crash resulted in a fight on the middle of the interstate.

Police say one of the drivers beat another to death with a bat - then the suspect was hit by another car and killed, according to KTLA sister station KTXL in Sacramento.

A driver was headed to the Sacramento International Airport on Interstate 5 early Saturday morning when he saw the body of a man in the road, the station reported.

"Oh my God," he can be heard saying in his dashcam recording. "A person laying down in the street."

The witness did not want his name used but wanted to share his video of the aftermath of the deadly incident.

The bat-wielding suspect was then hit by another car and killed as he walked on the highway, according to the station.

Rodriguez-Carrasco was listed as being killed by the vehicle.

"Honestly, since I seen the body it has not left my mind," the witness told KTXL. "It's kind of a very scary situation and got me concerned."

The incident began when the two men's cars collided near Arena Boulevard along the northbound 5 before the two drivers continued to a spot near Del Paso Road. There, they got out of the cars and began to fight.

Another passerby, who did not want to be identified, captured a video that appears to show one man swinging the bat before he too was killed.

"Honestly, it shocked me because I would never expect such a thing to happen. People get into accidents every day," said the person witnessed the aftermath. "We're all insured, simply have the insurance worry about it. Why would you hurt another person? It's just ridiculous."

The driver who hit the homicide suspect stayed at the scene and spoke with investigators. The CHP has not yet clarified if that person will face charges.

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