Man Arrested After Allegedly Shooting Landscaper With BB Gun in Thousand Oaks

Police arrested an individual accused of shooting a man with a BB gun in Thousand Oaks, officials said Friday.

Craig Hudgins, 54, fired at a landscaper in the 2300 block of Borchard Road on Wednesday morning, according to the Thousand Oaks Police Department.

The victim, a 32-year old from Moorpark, received treatment for injuries on his face and neck at the scene after alerting authorities about the incident, police said.

Suspecting that the attack likely came from an RV parked nearby, officers tried to talk to the vehicle’s only occupant.

The man allegedly refused to get out and became hostile. The officers got him on the phone, and about an hour later, he finally exited the RV, the Police Department said.

Authorities took the suspect into custody and later recovered a BB gun inside the vehicle, the agency added.

Detectives identified the man as Hudgins and learned that he had been listed as a suspect in a separate incident two months earlier, when a BB gun was used to shoot a landscaper’s truck window.

Hudgins was taken to a pre-trial detention facility for both crimes, according to Thousand Oaks police.

On Thursday, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office charged Hudgins of misdemeanor vandalism and felony assault with a deadly weapon. He remained in custody on $20,000 bail, police said.


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