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LADWP Launches $100 Million Home Insulation Program Aimed at Cutting Energy Use, Lowering Bills

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Department of Water and Power officials unveiled a home insulation rebate program Friday aimed at reducing energy use and slashing DWP bills.

The $100-million program seeks to encourage homeowners to install insulation in their attics, which will help lower their heating and cooling bills. Homeowners who take part in the program can receive a rebate for 80% of the total cost of insulation or $1 per square foot of insulation material, officials said. The rebate will be for whichever cost is less.

Adding insulation will reduce homeowners’ use of air-conditioning and put less pressure on the city’s power grid, Garcetti said.

“We can reduce our energy usage and help our bottom lines,” he said. “We can protect the environment and cut greenhouse emissions, and we can move Los Angeles into a stronger and more resilient future.”

Read the full story on LATimes.com.

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