Spoken Dreams: Jay Jackson, Drag Queen “Laganja Estranja”

Photo: Aaron Jay Young | aaronjayyoung.com

Jay Jackson is an entertainer, choreographer, and drag queen best known as Laganja Estranja from RuPaul’s Drag Race and So You Think You Can Dance. Jay grew up in Dallas, Texas, and has been a performer all his life. In 2007, he was awarded Presidential Scholar in the Arts for his dance choreography, and decided he would continue pursuing choreography in college. He moved to California to attend California Institute of the Arts.

After college, Jay began gaining notoriety as a local drag performer. Eventually, he was cast in RuPaul’s Drag Race, and a new set of personal challenges would arise. Laganja Estranja’s antics became highly criticized, and dealing with the aftermath of reality TV stardom took an emotional toll on Jay. Still, he persisted, and through talent and authenticity, managed to change some of the negative perceptions of him and the things he stands for.

In this episode, Jay opens up about a number of personal topics including his relationship with his parents, his post-Drag Race struggles with substance abuse, and how he hopes his latest project will launch him to the next phase of his career as an artist and entertainer.

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