Truck Driver Charged in Crash That Killed 2 Sisters Walking to Middle School in South L.A.

Driver Believed to Be Street Racing Prior to Crash Into FedEx Building in Studio City

The driver of a Lexus that slammed into a FedEx store in Studio City Wednesday morning was likely involved in a street race when he lost control of the car and crashed, police said.

The crash occurred about 3 a.m. near the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

Video showed a white Lexus had slammed through a glass window of the building, leaving debris inside the store and along the sidewalk.

A witness said he saw the same car speeding alongside a second vehicle about 30 minutes before the crash. “Almost like they were racing,” Bill Farroux said.

A Los Angeles Police Department officer at the scene confirmed to KTLA that investigators believe the Lexus was involved in a street race when it crashed.

Video recorded not long after the crash showed someone helping a person, possibly the driver, out of the car.

That man was taken to a nearby vehicle.

Another video, which was posted to YouTube and began recording earlier in the incident showed the man had also helped other people out of the car.

One of those people was seen walking around and then returning to get something out of the crashed vehicle. The person then got into the nearby car with the others and it left the scene.

A homeless person who sleeping inside the store was injured when the vehicle crashed and was taken away by ambulance. The person was conscious and talking but was complaining of neck and back pain.

Investigators used information collected from the Lexus, which was towed from the scene, to identify a possible driver and are now searching for that person.

The store itself did not suffer extensive damage, according to property manager Dean Cutler.

"Seems to be like there's a minor amount of structural, if any at all, and we're going to go ahead and make sure it's safe first then proceed with repairs," he told KTLA.

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