Man Who Allegedly Carjacked Nun in South L.A. Faces Kidnapping Charges

Authorities on Friday identified a man who allegedly carjacked a 70-year-old nun in South Los Angeles the previous day.

Gregory Brinson, 43, faces kidnapping charges in connection with the incident, which occurred in the 1400 block of West Adams Boulevard on the border the Adams-Normandie and University Park neighborhoods.

A student apparently alerted authorities about a man who tried to rob a gas station in the area.

Security cameras inside the store involved show a man enter through the front door, then circling around shelves.

When he gets back to the front of the store, he grabs the wallet of a customer standing at the cash register. He then grabs other items off the counter and tries to flee, but the clerk behind the counter locks the front door.

The man identified as Brinson leaves through a back door instead, emerging behind the station where a line of cars is waiting to enter the car wash.

He can be seen walking along the line of cars, pulling door handles, though none open.

Eventually, he walks into the car wash and climbs into the backseat of the nun's car as it's being washed.

Brinson then allegedly ordered the nun to drive and threatened to kill her if she didn't follow directions, a USC police officer told KTLA.

The nun then drove about five miles to a Carl's Jr. in Boyle Heights, where Brinson allegedly told her to stop. The victim, who was not injured, grabbed her keys and ran out of the vehicle.

Brinson also ran away, but was eventually taken into custody.

KTLA's Erin Myers contributed to this story.