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Santa Maria Teen Caught With Stash of Fake Cash After Allegedly Trying to Use $100 Bill at School: Report

A Santa Maria teenager was recently caught by police with stacks of counterfeit cash after allegedly trying to use the fake money at his school, according to reports.

The Santa Maria Police Department tweeted photos on Friday of dozens of confiscated bills, along with a warning, as they publicly announced the incident.

“Please be aware. Be careful when accepting large bills,” police wrote in the tweet.

The 13-year-old tried to use a $100 bill at the Pioneer Valley High School student store, raising the suspicions of a school resource officer, a Santa Maria police official told Central Coast television station KSBY.

Officers went to the teen’s home to investigate and found the large stash of counterfeit cash, the station reported. Police believed the boy made the bills himself.

Amounts included everything from $10 to $100 bill, the photos showed.

Police told KSBY the cash was of poor quality and probably would have been spotted as fake if someone tried to use it or showed anyone.

Authorities did not make an arrest, but the case is under review, according to the station.