Trump Administration Talks of Boosting Water Deliveries to Central Valley; Some See Push as More Political Than Practical

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With talk of boosting water deliveries to Central Valley agriculture, the Trump administration is telling growers exactly what they want to hear.

But given California’s complex water system and a web of federal and state environmental regulations, such promises could prove more political than practical.

An Aug. 17 memo from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, which directed agencies to give him a plan within 25 days to send more water to Central Valley agriculture, was met with cheers from angry farmers who have for years complained that endangered species protections are cutting their irrigation deliveries and wasting water supplies.

“This gives … water users hope that there will be a more balanced approach to water supply adequacy and reliability that is sorely needed on our farms and in our rural communities,” Frances Mizuno, interim executive director of the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority, said in a statement.

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