Drivers Perform Stunts During Anaheim Mall Parking Lot Takeover

Tire skid marks line the parking lot at the Anaheim Plaza mall, where a group of reckless drivers burned rubber and performed stunts Sunday night.

The drivers were all gone by the time Anaheim Police Department officers arrived, officials said. But video of the incident has surfaced online.

Such large-scale car club takeovers are a growing problem in Southern California, CHP Sgt. Rafael Riviera told KTLA.

"We've been cracking down on these street racers. They get in forms of five to 600 cars. They block the roadway in all directions, keeping us from going to the vehicles that are doing the sideshows and donuts," Riviera said.

"And if they're here aiding and abetting, they'll be cited for aiding and abetting and their vehicles will be towed if they're blocking the roadway."