Agoura Hills Home Intruder Hid in Bathroom Cabinet for Hours Before Being Found, Resident Says

An Agoura Hills couple says a woman they saw trying to break into a neighbor's apartment apparently entered theirs while they were home — and remained hidden in their bathroom for hours until she was finally discovered by their dog and taken into custody.

The incident occurred Sunday, when William Sweet spotted a woman on his home security system trying to pry open a neighbor's window. He went outside to check out the situation and left his door unlocked for just a few minutes.

The woman apparently entered his apartment at that time.

"She had slipped back around and actually entered my apartment," Sweet told KTLA.

For the rest of the evening, Sweet and his girlfriend, Eliana Gurrola, went about their business. They had dinner and watched TV, not realizing the intruder was in their bathroom.

The woman had managed to crawl into a cabinet under the sink and hid there for two hours, Sweet said. Gurrola said she had used the bathroom during that time frame.

“She was actually crammed up underneath this tiny area that you would never believe a human could fit in," Sweet said. "At some point she got out for whatever reason to use the bathroom or to watch the show we were watching."

That's when the couple's dog started reacting.

“She keeps going into the bathroom and whining," Gurrola says about the dog in home security video the couple shared with KTLA. "It’s freaking me the f--- out."

Sweet then went into the bathroom to figure out what was going on and is heard yelling in the video "Call the police! Call the police!"

“When I went in, I turned on the light and I could see her reflection in the mirror," Sweet said of the woman. "It was just sheer terror to start with, because you dont expect someone to be in your bathroom."

The alleged intruder is heard in the video apologizing to Sweet. She also says "I'm harmless."

"I was terrified," Gurrola said. "I still am completely spooked, completely freaked out."

Gurrola ran out of the apartment and called for help, while Sweet held the woman down. Eventually, deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department took the woman into custody.

Sweet said she admitted to him that she had been using drugs and even smoked while she was underneath his sink.

Sheriff's officials told KTLA the woman, 55-year-old Cynthia Ross, was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence, but was eventually released.

Gurrola said it was "disappointing" and "ridiculous" that Ross had gotten out so quickly.

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