L.A. County Deputies Reunited With Baby They Rushed to Long Beach Hospital 

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies were reunited with a baby who was unresponsive when they rushed him to a Long Beach hospital.

Tyler Milton and Alissa Farrington said quick thinking and teamwork helped them save 9-month-old Steven Hanna on Aug. 27.

About 10:20 p.m. that night, Milton saw a vehicle run a red turn light and almost hit a pole in the area of Lakewood Boulevard near the 91 Freeway. He said he thought the driver might have stolen the vehicle or was intoxicated.

"I heard tires screech, that's what got my attention," Milton recalled at a news conference Monday morning. He eventually caught up to the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.

"The way you’re train and the way you operate on a daily basis, you kind of try and prepare yourself for anything that can happen. But I would have never expected stopping a vehicle that I would come to find that there’s a child inside of it that wasn't breathing," Milton said.

He found Yasser Hanna and Redaa Felamon in the vehicle crying and holding their son. The baby's eyes were open, but he wasn't breathing and he wasn't responsive, Milton said.

He immediately got on his police radio to call for help and started CPR on the baby. Farrington heard the broadcast and responded.

"As soon as I heard Milton on the radio, I heard the urgency in his voice. I knew that something was serious," Farrington said.  "When I pulled up, I saw him in the middle of the street starting CPR on the baby. I don't even think either of us thought, we just knew we needed to leave."

Milton jumped in Farrington's patrol car and continued CPR on the baby. As Farrington drove, she coordinated with other deputies and Long Beach police officials to block intersections and with the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center to facilitate the arrival of the baby.

Milton was able to eventually resuscitate the baby, who began breathing on his own. Milton is seen in video cradling the baby and running into the hospital.

Baby Steven spent four days at the hospital and was eventually released, his father said during the news conference.

“I thank all the officers who helped me,” Hanna, who is from Egypt said. He apologized for how he was driving that night.  “The only thing I wanted to do was to keep my son alive, not dead.”

"I have a baby myself so I can only imagine what they were feeling at that moment," Milton, who has a 22-month-old at home, said. "It’s a good feeling. I'm just glad to see how everyone comes to the aid of a child in need, and how well everything was coordinated, and the sense of urgency that we had in getting that baby to the emergency room."

Farrington said the experience and the feedback has been "humbling."

The pair have been working at Lakewood sheriff's station for about a year and have been on the department for two, their captain said. He called his deputies efforts "heroic."

"They behaved in a manner that I am extremely proud of," Capt. Richard J. Harpham said.

"A sincere thank you to our deputies, who made a life-saving decision at a moment’s notice," Sheriff Jim McDonnell said. "I am proud of their fast actions and great judgement that they used."

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